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Tenant Relations

Our goal at XTR Realty is to match desirable tenants with your property and to keep those tenants happy. We realize that creating consistent tenant satisfaction leads to tenant retention. By practicing a proactive, communicative approach, we have established a proven record of success when it comes to retaining tenants for the long term.

Believing in “win-win” strategies, we strive to negotiate lease agreements that benefit both you and your tenants. When it comes time to create new or renewal leases, you can count on us to maintain and build high occupancy while satisfying tenants to ensure a positive outcome among all parties involved.

Our team of experienced managers has the know-how to balance tenant satisfaction with upholding tenant lease agreements. We believe a strong tenant relationship is key to success, so whether its negotiating leases or making sure windows are regularly cleaned, we make a point of being accessible to tenants so that they know their voices are being heard.

In addition, we invoice all tenants and collect rent monies on a monthly basis. When applicable, we ensure that rental increases, CPI, sales tax, impounds, etc. are collected in a timely manner. At XTR Realty we make tenant relations a priority so that your property is a success!